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The Nonprofit Compass

As a nonprofit or ministry leader,

you are living out a calling...

A calling to serve others

A calling to make a difference

A calling to meet the needs of others

But there is a lot more than living out your calling.

Who understands the world of nonprofits?

How can you raise the funds you need to fulfill your mission?

The Nonprofit Compass


provides the answers you need,

the resources you want, and

the guidance you can trust.

It is our goal to support you as you build a thriving, successful nonprofit.

We will not leave you alone in the nonprofit world.

We are your people.

Who We Are

Debbie DiVirgilio, President of the Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center developed the Nonprofit Compass for nonprofit and ministry leaders just like YOU! Debbie and her team understand how faith plays a role in everything an organization and its leadership does.

The Nonprofit Compass provides you with a team of experts to support you in your work. With 25 years of nonprofit and ministry experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you take your work to the next level. Debbie has served as an Executive Director, Development Director, Board Member, Program Director, and Grant Professional. Additionally, she holds a Master's in Nonprofit Management and a Master's in Divinity, is a certified Board Source Governance Trainer and a Standards of Excellence Licensed Consultant. Debbie is also a Certified Grant Professional and a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional.


Access an expert who understands the nonprofit industry and the needs and challenges of leaders.

The Nonprofit Compass will help you integrate faith into every aspect of your organization and implement nonprofit best practices.

Become a member now to receive one on one support and vital resources to help your organization succeed!

We will provide you with the knowledge and templates to-

develop strong programs

prove your programs are working

raise more money

share your message

The Nonprofit Compass, will journey with you, sharing every success and facing every struggle.

Building Blocks (1)

We know it may seem as though additional funding is the key to success- but what if it's just a building block?

Success begins with laying the stones of  your foundation.

We'll help you lay a foundation of success and build on it.

Nonprofit Compass Membership Includes:

Full Access

You receive access to the full Nonprofit Compass website immediately.

Your Questions Answered

Monthly Facebook Live for Group Q & A (Recorded & Posted in Private Facebook Group)

New Monthly Content

Stay abreast of trends and changes with priority member email updates.

Private Member Group

Mastermind with other leaders in nonprofit ministry. Gain insight to move your organization forward.

Templates and Tools

A growing library of worksheets, checklists, templates, and more to begin implementing right away.

Monthly Trainings

Virtual Trainings on topics to help you succeed.

Nonprofit Compass Questions and Answers

rawpixel-668353-unsplash (1)

Who is the Nonprofit Compass for?

  • Nonprofit Compass members include leaders from both brand new and well-established organizations. As well as nonprofits and ministries with teeny, tiny budgets to those with multi-million dollar budgets.

  • The Nonprofit Compass is for people who truly want guidance and direction to grow.

Nonprofit Compass members are committed to doing the right thing and leaving bad habits behind.

Who is the Nonprofit Compass NOT for?

  • If you are not intentional about doing the work to get the results to grow a strong, thriving organization, this membership is not for you.

  • If you are not committed to learning and personal growth to become the best leader for your organization, this membership is not for you.

  • If you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone to approach funders and solicit support for your organization, this membership is not for you.

  • If you are not ready to implement a plan of success using the skills, knowledge, and resources you will be equipped with, this membership is not for you.

krakenimages-376KN_ISplE-unsplash (1)


Will this work?

  • Because we base our trainings and resources on current best practices, they work. But, they only work if you do the work.

There is no quick fix!

But be forewarned!

  • There are no shortcuts to success and we will not recommend taking the easy way out.

  • We believe faith is an integral part of the work we (and you) do.

  • We will partner with you - and we will hold you accountable.

  • We utilize best practices in the sector and all of our work centers around using proven, effective strategies.


The Nonprofit Compass exists to provide the right tools, support, and guidance for nonprofits and ministries to be successful at all stages of growth.


Do one or more of these statements describe you?

I want to start a nonprofit but am not sure exactly what to do.

I need to get funding for the work we do.

My board of directors isn't as involved as I want them to be.

My board of directors is too involved.

We are doing good work, but I have trouble sharing that work in terms people understand.

The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center recognizes the importance of positive relationships between board members and the Executive Director. but at the same time, the relationship can be difficult to navigate.

Training materials and resources are available on the Nonprofit Compass to help cultivate healthy productive relationships and even navigate difficult ones. Here is a link to a snippet of training about the importance of board relationships.

The full training and others are available in the Nonprofit Compass.

Some Real Proof

"We worked with FBNRC to get our organization started. By following the specific recommendations of FBNRC, we were able to get started and get the funds we needed to fulfill our mission."

"When we began working with FBNRC, our budget was stuck at $1.8 million for about three years. We hadn't been able to bring in additional revenue despite our best efforts. In the first year after working with FBNRC, we achieved a $2.05 million dollar budget."

"Instruction through the FBNRC was thorough and easy to understand. They mapped out for us step by step what we needed to do to reach our goals."

“Debbie is one of our most highly sought after trainers. She will take your organization to the next level.”

Our Commitment is Unwavering


The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center understands that while your organization desires to serve with excellence and THRIVE, it may also face financial challenges.

Your membership in the Nonprofit Compass allows you access to Expert Resources and Guidance without breaking the bank.

The Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center wants you to be completely satisfied with your decision to join us.Your member rate will remain in effect for as long as you remain a member. You may cancel your membership at any time. A lapsed membership can be renewed at the then current membership fee.

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